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    On behalf of the Pegasus School community, thank you for your interest in our school. Whether you are a new or familiar friend, we think you will find that our website is a wonderful snapshot of Pegasus and what we believe distinguishes us in the independent school community.

    As one of the premier independent schools, Pegasus was founded on the belief that strong intellect and a passion for learning should be nurtured and inspired and that learning is a lifelong process. We are grounded in an authentic commitment to service, embracing the opportunity borne by educating bright, capable students. Pegasus students are encouraged to follow their curiosity, challenged to test their abilities and nurtured throughout their journey. Their commitment to our inquisitive and eager learners, distinguishes our faculty. At Pegasus we have a shared vision that academic ability must be combined with character and integrity to nurture and grow the whole child.

    The school’s exceptionally strong and dedicated teachers, staff and administration, combined with a committed and supportive parent community truly makes Pegasus a safe place where “bright minds can soar.”

    We are diverse, collaborative and vibrant. We have built a program that feeds our students natural love of learning, while also being intentional about building moral character, kindness, generosity, responsibility, perseverance, courage, and compassion. In this, my twenty-seventh year in education, I am thrilled to be at the helm of a school that embraces the responsibility of working with parents to build the foundation that children will rely upon for a life of learning and contributing.

    I encourage you to explore The Pegasus School further and see how our community encourages the growth of our children through a rigorous educational program delivered in a caring environment.


    Jason Lopez
    Head of School

    Jason Lopez
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