Head of School

    Dear Pegasus Community,

    Pernille and I are thrilled to join The Pegasus School community. We were first struck by the similarities between The Pegasus School and my former school, the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools. Both schools grew out of university settings, both were founded by deep-thinking innovators who challenged the educational order of the day, and both schools will always be held to the standards established by their forward-thinking founders. These many parallels are what first drew me to Pegasus. But what led me to serious consideration is Pegasus’ extraordinary commitment to strong academics and the development of the whole child. In our visit during the search process, we found a school that has an authentic commitment to service and embraces the challenges borne by serving bright, capable students.

    It is with great respect that I follow in the leadership footsteps of Jacqueline and John, who brought their individual gifts to lead the school that Laura built. The school’s exceptionally strong and dedicated teachers, committed and supportive parents, and the continued determination to create a place where “bright minds can soar,” were all factors in our decision to join the community.

    We left California 21 years ago with a toddler and an infant in tow to pursue our passions. Returning to where we first began, led by the children—both Pegasus children and Sine and Sebastian seems almost poetic. Now, Pernille and I look forward to connecting with you, the Pegasus community, to share our passion for education.


    Jason Lopez
    Head of School
    Head's Bio
    Jason Lopez
    Jason arrives at Pegasus following five years as the Associate Head of School at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, in Chicago, Illinois. With 1,875 students in grades Nursery (3-year-olds) through 12, over half of whom have parents on the faculty of the University of Chicago, Lab has a uniquely academically focused population. Founded in 1896 by John Dewey, the Laboratory Schools have built an international reputation as a premier pre-collegiate educational institution. Before joining Lab, Jason worked for 20 years in high achieving public schools in California and Pennsylvania where he served as an economics teacher, middle school principal, high school principal, and assistant superintendent.
    Jason received his Bachelor's Degree in economics and sociology from California State University, Fullerton, his original California Teaching Credential from Chapman University, his Masters in Education from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and completed all coursework toward a Doctorate of Education at the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania. He is a trustee for the Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS). In addition to extensive committee work at the University of Chicago (Diversity Leadership Council, University Benefits Committee, Unlawful Complaint Advisor), Jason also completed an executive leadership program at the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago. Recognized for his integrity, enthusiasm and endless energy, Jason has an impeccable reputation in the education industry.

    Jason’s wife of 25 years, Pernille, enjoyed a successful career in business and currently sits on two corporate boards, as well as both the national and the international board of Save the Children. She is an author who is currently working on the English translation of a book that was released last year in her native country of Denmark. Jason and Pernille have two children, Sine and Sebastian, who are roommates in Los Angeles. Sine graduated last May from Loyola Marymount University and is working as an event coordinator in Santa Monica, and Sebastian moved to California last August to continue his studies to become an elementary school teacher. Interestingly, Sine and Sebastian were both born in California and are excited to have their parents California-bound for this new chapter of their family life.