The Pegasus Library is not simply bricks and mortar, books and computers. It is full of life from the minute it opens its doors for family hour at 8:00 a.m. until the end of day at 3:30 p.m. We host students, classes, teachers, and parents all day long.
    At recess, students pop in to check out books, use the computers, catch up on assignments, or just say hi to the librarians. At lunch children come in to study for an upcoming test, the Shakespeare Club works out scenes for their upcoming performance, and the Battle of the Books team prepares for competition.
    Each grade level in the Primary and Lower School pursues its special library and classroom projects during regularly scheduled library visits while the Middle School classes schedule times around research projects and genre book reports. We have a busy, full-service library!
    Parent volunteers are one of the most important resources to the Pegasus School Library and there are many opportunities for volunteering. The Library not only relies on parent volunteers to help keep its collection in good order, but it also needs parent volunteers to help with the annual book fair and Elizabethan picnic. For parents who can only help a few times a year, there are also opportunities to volunteer during the Women’s History Day celebration and the Battle of the Books program.
    Library Events
    Banned Books Week

    Battle of the Books

    Author Visits

    Women in History Celebration

    Parent / Child Book Club

    Caldecott Club

    Shakespeare Club

    Shakespeare Celebration