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Where bright
minds soar


welcome to

THE pegasus school

Where students are challenged to become curious, motivated learners.
Where inclusiveness, kindness, integrity, and empathy are deeply valued. 
Where intellectual curiosity and compassion are integral parts of our academically rigorous curriculum.
Where it is safe to be smart, to be an individual, and to share your unique talents and gifts.

The Pre-K–8 Experience

Each child learns and develops at their own pace, and they benefit from a school designed to meet their unique needs, interests, and potential. Our exceptional teachers, the depth and breadth of our programs, and our intentionally-planned spaces all combine to create an environment where students can thrive and excel.

lower school

Our inquisitive learners are eager to explore their interests and the world around them while building foundational academic skills. Teachers nurture the development of each child’s talents and gifts in an environment where it is safe to take risks.

middle school

Students build upon foundational skills with an emphasis on critical thinking and personal responsibility. They develop into compassionate leaders who are ready to achieve at the highest levels and to make a positive impact on society.

beyond the


Social Emotional Learning

Our teachers know that school is so much more than simply academics. Health, wellness, and developing trusting relationships are at the heart of the work within our classrooms and on our playgrounds. 


Our Thunder Athletics program fosters student growth through opportunities for teamwork and learning to balance life as a student-athlete. Our student-athletes are leaders on the field, in the classroom, and out in the community. 


At Pegasus we are committed to building a community that fosters inclusivity, kindness, and belonging. Celebrating the unique differences of our students, families, and faculty members builds understanding, compassion, and connection.


Our families choose Pegasus for the academics, but stay year after year because of the vibrant, inclusive community on our campus. With families from almost 50 different zip codes, our community brings unique perspectives together to expand world viewpoints, which builds cultural knowledge and empathy.

hear from our


Video Block 1

We are seekers

Why is curiosity so important? Stellan and Seth describe the elements of a Pegasus education that really bring learning to life.

We are Seekers

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Video Block 2

We are leaders

Learn how Raif and Aspen are acquiring the skills that they need to become leaders. 

We are Leaders

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Video Block 3

We are scholars

Lilah discusses her passion for learning and how Pegasus nurtures her interests. 

We are Scholars

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Video Block 4

We are athletes

Athletics is about more than just playing a sport. Listen to Jordan and Ellie describe their experiences with athletics at Pegasus.

We are Athletes

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Video Block 5

We are writers

Creativity is developed and celebrated. Sophie and Olivia share their excitement for writing.

We are Writers

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Video Block 6

We are creators

Hands on learning. The joy of discovery and expression. Ariya and Olivia share what they love about Pegasus.

We are Creators

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Video Block 7

We are solvers

Eli and Jonah explain how they like to work through their academics and what they discover in the end.

We are Solvers

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Video Block 8

We are communicators

Saura and Katelyn share the joy that comes from being able to articulate your thoughts, whether through writing or speaking.


We are Communicators

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