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Board of Trustees


The Pegasus School is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public benefit corporation. As an independent school, a Board of Trustees governs the School. The Head of School is an advisor to the Board and is a non-voting officer of the Board.

The Pegasus School is part of The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and follows the Principles of Good Practice for the Board of Trustees

The Board’s main responsibilities are to oversee: 


The Board is the guardian of the School’s mission. The Board sets the mission, ensures that it is relevant and vital to the community, and monitors the success of the School in fulfilling the mission. 


The Board plans strategically. Its work is forward-looking and long-term.



Financial Sustainability

The Board works to ensure the School has adequate financial resources. The Board protects the School’s assets with proper controls and oversight, responsibly manages the School’s endowment, and oversees the development of the budget. 

Head of School

The Board hires, manages, and supports the Head of School, who is responsible for the management of the School. As a result, Trustees do not get involved in operational matters under the purview of the Head of School. These include admissions, staffing, curriculum and program, and student disciplinary matters, to name a few.  

Meet Our Board

The Board is a diverse group of parents of current students and alums, and each serves in a volunteer capacity in the School with their time, talent, and treasure to advance the mission. The Board has up to 21 members, and trustees typically serve two three-year terms.

2023-24 Board Committees

The Board's committees provide regular reports and updates to the broader Board. All committees except Executive and Governance are made up of both Board members and non-Board members.

Frequently Asked Questions