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A Letter From Jason Lopez, Head of School

April 3, 2023

Dear Pegasus Community,

Serving as the Head of The Pegasus School has been an honor and a privilege as well as a source of great professional pride and joy. Nine years ago, the Pegasus Board of Trustees entrusted the responsibility of leading this school to me, giving Pernille and me the opportunity to return to California, where we began our life together 25 years prior. Since that time, the Pegasus community has accomplished so much together – beyond what I would have ever imagined. With a full heart, I want to share that the 2023–24 school year will be my tenth and final year as Head of The Pegasus School. Just as Pernille and I look forward to our next chapter of retirement, it is now time for Pegasus to prepare to enter its next phase. 

I am so proud of our amazing community, as we have achieved our maximum enrollment, reaching our student capacity. We have affirmed a school culture that values diversity, inclusion, and belonging. Together, we have built a “best in class” faculty and leadership team, including the creation of new positions that reflect the direction of the school. These dedicated people are positioned and prepared for the road ahead.

This is an ideal time for a transition to new leadership. We are already in the process of our next re-accreditation process, which will greatly inform our next Strategic Plan. Nine years ago, I arrived at Pegasus at a similar moment in time, and it was an invaluable experience and opportunity to clarify the direction of the school and launch the changes I thought most important. My tenure at Pegasus has been deeply gratifying, and I consider it a great fortune to be able to have this as a capstone in my thirty-five years as an educator. 

The success of our school over the past nine years is due to the collective effort and generosity of our community, as much as it is to our dedicated and capable faculty and staff. I am so grateful for the partnerships I have had with each board chair, the trustees, the faculty and staff, and the parents and families. I have learned so much from our Pegasus students. What a privilege to witness a generation of young people who enjoy learning for learning’s sake, work hard to practice respect for one another, and become their own best advocates — while never forgetting the importance of kindness! 

Lastly, I would like to acknowledge the debt of gratitude that Pernille and I have for the Pegasus community as our place in it has given us so much.  We are ready for our next chapter, and though I will miss being the Head of The Pegasus School, I am comforted knowing that we will continue to be engaged members of the Pegasus community.

Now, however, and for the next fifteen months, my sleeves will stay rolled up, and my commitment to the success of Pegasus will remain steadfast. Having nearly secured the funding necessary, we have WINGS to build. Much remains to be done, and my work is cut out for me. I will continue to support the Board in their pursuit to find and secure the next Head to lead the work that Dr. Hathaway started nearly forty years ago. Thank you for your partnership and belief in me — my gratitude is beyond words. 
Together still,

Jason Lopez
Head of School

    • Jason Lopez — Head of School

Educational Directions has prepared an Opportunity Statement for the Head of School position. Please view it below.

A Message from Diem Dang, Chair of the Board of Trustees

April 3, 2023

Dear Pegasus Community,

After nearly a decade at The Pegasus School, Jason Lopez has informed the Board of Trustees of his plans to retire as Head of School at the end of the 2023–2024 school year. On behalf of the Board, I would like to express gratitude to Jason and warmest wishes to him and Pernille for what will be a well-deserved retirement after ten years at The Pegasus School and 35 years as an educator. 

From the start of a typical day, greeting students arriving at school, cheering on a team and coaching super-readers for Battle of the Books, applauding student performances, joining students in their classroom activities, advising middle schoolers, mentoring teachers, playing Dads’ basketball, or displaying a vehicle license plate with the word ROAR, Jason's passion for Pegasus is undeniable.  

Since Jason joined Pegasus in 2014, he has been an inspirational leader, working tirelessly to promote the school's Mission. He ensured that Pegasus offered a robust academic program by retaining and recruiting outstanding faculty and staff who nurture our student's intellectual curiosity and compassion. A dedicated administrative team is also now in place to support the school's operations. With Jason's guidance and the generosity of the Pegasus community, The Pegasus School improved its physical campus for our students by adding a pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten outdoor classroom, the Horowitz Family Quad, and the Kazu Fukuda Science and Technology Center. Furthermore, Jason managed Pegasus through a global pandemic, supporting our faculty and staff as they seamlessly moved our students to virtual learning and then safely back to the Pegasus campus — all while maintaining our sense of community in difficult times. 

Jason will complete a decade of service at the end of the 2023–2024 school year, retiring at the ideal time to leave the school poised for excellence for the next journey under a new Head of School. The school is on firm financial footing. By Jason's retirement, we anticipate completing the re-accreditation process, the Geisler Family WINGS Building and project, and the Roots to Grow, Wings to Soar Strategic Plan. Pegasus is in a prime position to recruit its next Head of School to build upon Jason's success. We are thankful for Jason's decade of excellence and considerable contributions to establishing Pegasus as the premier day school for pre-Kindergarten to Grade 8 in Orange County.  

Pegasus will use its advantageous position to attract exceptional candidates and find the next leader to advance the school’s Mission, embrace the school's unique philosophy established by visionary founder Dr. Laura Hathaway, preserve the ethos and culture of the community, and be an inspirational leader in an ever-changing world. 

The Board has planned with Jason to make the transition to new leadership as smooth as possible. The school has retained Educational Directions, a nationally recognized consulting firm for independent schools and proven leader in Head of School searches, to oversee the search process. Also, the Board has formed a Head of School Search Committee to work with Educational Directions. In a couple of days, I will announce the members of the search committee and provide a search timeline. The Board expects the Head of School search process to take several months and to conclude by Winter 2023 with the announcement of the next Head of School, who will begin effective July 1, 2024.

The Pegasus community is fortunate to have one more school year with Jason.  He will continue in his current role throughout the 2023–2024 school year, after which the Board will recognize Jason with the honorary title of Head of School Emeritus for his significant contributions and lasting impact on the school. In the coming months, the community will have opportunities to celebrate the success of the school under Jason’s leadership while making time to plan for an exciting future. Jason has genuinely helped Pegasus become the vibrant community it is today. He will retire with Pegasus poised to soar under new leadership.

Congratulations to Jason on his upcoming retirement!


Diem Dang
Chair, Board of Trustees


In April 2023, Head of School Jason Lopez announced to the Pegasus community his plans to retire. Jason will continue leading the school throughout the upcoming 2023–2024 school year and will retire on June 30, 2024, after ten years at The Pegasus School and 35 years as an educator. The new Head of School will start effective July 1, 2024.


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