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The Pre-K–8 Experience

A Model For Success

We are often asked, “Why doesn’t Pegasus open a high school?”

This is a deliberate choice on our part to focus on what we do best: providing an exceptional pre-K–8 experience that allows our students to soar.

At Pegasus we believe, and the research shows, that the pre-K–8 model is the best model for our students and allows them to grow and shine in a safe and supportive environment.

Each child learns and develops at their own pace, and they benefit from a school designed to meet their unique needs, interests, and potential.

At Pegasus, our students grow up learning to be compassionate leaders while also preserving age-appropriate playfulness. Our exceptional teachers, the depth and breadth of our programs, and our intentionally-planned spaces all combine to create an environment where students can thrive and excel. With the guidance of our teachers, each child progresses along their individual journey towards maturity and finishes their time at Pegasus as an accomplished and inquisitive leader, ready to make a positive impact on society.

Buddies on Outdoor Classroom
Advantages of a Pre-K–8 School:
  1. Culture of community
  2. Continuity of parent involvement
  3. Opportunities for leadership
  4. Time to discover strengths
  5. Academic and social success

Benefits of a Pre-K-8 School

Age Appropriate Environment

A pre-K–8 school provides a more age-appropriate and nurturing environment for younger students. The academic and social expectations are more closely aligned with the developmental stage of the students. This can lead to a more positive learning experience for students and can help to build a strong foundation for their education.

A Personalized Education

A pre-K–8 school allows for a more personalized and individualized education. With smaller class sizes, students are able to receive more individualized attention and support. This can help to ensure that each student's unique needs and interests are met, and can lead to better academic and social outcomes.

More Stability

A pre-K–8 school provides a more stable learning environment. Because students remain in a single school, students are less likely to experience the stress and upheaval of multiple school transitions. This can lead to better academic and social outcomes.

A More Cohesive Education

A pre-K–8 school allows for greater continuity in the curriculum and instruction. With a longer period of time spent in a single school, students are able to receive a more comprehensive and cohesive education. This can help to ensure that students are well-prepared for high school and beyond and can lead to better academic outcomes.

"I think one of the most compelling reasons to support the K–8 grade configuration is the leadership aspect for students."

Jonathan Bush, Harvard Ed Magazine


A Strong Community

A pre-K–8 school provides a more family-friendly and community-oriented environment. With a smaller school community, parents and families are more likely to be actively involved in the school and to have a greater sense of connection and belonging. This can lead to a stronger sense of community and support for students and families.