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About Us

Our Mission

To inspire bright, curious minds to become confident, compassionate leaders

Our Story

The story of Pegasus begins with intellectual curiosity and compassion. We are a vibrant academic community that inspires bright, motivated students to discover and develop their unique gifts. Teachers and students build trusting relationships that foster a sense of belonging, self-reliance, and innovative thinking. A pre-K–8 Pegasus education equips students to achieve future academic success and make a positive impact on society.


In 1984, Dr. Laura Hathaway (1941–2009) founded the Pegasus School with only 40 students and a small group of parents and teachers. Her dream: to create an educational and nurturing community where it would be safe for students to be smart; where academic challenges would be matched by a thoughtful social and emotional embrace; and where teachers would provide a student-centered enriched curriculum to encourage students to pursue their passions and talents. It was from this vision that the winged horse was born, and the motto, where bright minds soar, evolved.

Over time, the School expanded its student body to 595 students, grade levels pre-K through Grade 8.

The Pegasus School grew, and so did its narrative. It is through these shared experiences of our community—students, teachers, administrators, parents, alumni, and alumni parents—that the School’s foundation was built, and it is what makes it a unique place.