Why Consider Pegasus for Your Bright and Curious Child?

Let's begin with the history of Pegasus—it is the core of what makes us who we are today.

In 1984, Dr. Laura Hathaway (1941-2009) founded The Pegasus School with only 40 students and a small group of parents and teachers. Her dream: to create an educational and nurturing community where it would be safe for students to be smart; where academic challenges would be matched by a thoughtful social and emotional embrace; and, where teachers would provide a student-centered enriched curriculum to encourage students to pursue their passions and talents. It was from this vision that the winged horse was born, and the motto, where bright minds soar, evolved

Over time, the School expanded its student body to 595 students, grade levels pre-K through Grade 8. 

The Pegasus School grew, and so did its narrative. It is through these shared experiences of our community — students, teachers, administrators, parents, alumni, and alumni parents — that the School's foundation was built, and it is what makes it a unique place. 

Each year we welcome new students to Pegasus, and our graduates continue to thrive, contribute, and influence their communities and the world.

At The Pegasus School, we abide by our motto, Where Bright Minds Soar, and we provide our students with the educational experience that they need to excel academically and to succeed throughout life.

Explore our website, and visit our campus. Maybe your son or daughter will, too, find joy at Pegasus.


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  • Read What Students Say about Pegasus...

    "At Pegasus, we read a lot in first grade, and we do lots of math and writing. It's a great place to soar!"

    "I have been at Pegasus for seven years and my experience has been fantastic. I've had a great learning experience and I really enjoy the specialists, including science, tech and P.E. I also love the atmosphere around me, and I love being an older "buddy" for the pre-K students."

    "I love Pegasus because every teacher is very nice to me and so are my friends. Since everyone is super smart, we can help each other and it helps our learning. Pegasus is really fun!"

    "The first day I came to Pegasus, I was very nervous but Mrs. Deering was a kind and helpful teacher so she came and made me happy and comfortable. All the children here are kind and respectful so I would have a joyful day daily. I love the subjects the school puts in and I know every day will be awesome."

    "Pegasus is not like a big campus that makes you feel alone. Here I feel comfortable and safe."

    "At Pegasus, we get author visits, where we can buy books and have them signed by the author. That is so valuable!"

    "Pegasus is challenging. It pushes me to the limit and helps me discover new things. It improves my skills and allows me to develop close friendships."

  • Read What Parents Say about Pegasus...

    "Pegasus is an environment where your child is challenged, loved, excited and has similar minded children and families. When we came to Pegasus we loved the strong community, teachers, and that my child is excited to come to school every day. My son amazes me daily with the depth of knowledge he is learning."

    "Pegasus understands that learning doesn’t happen on worksheets. It happens through inspiration, action, and experimentation."

    "The focus is on each child. The teachers get to know them all and quickly understand strengths and weaknesses and work with them so they can realize their full potential. The teachers want each student to succeed. The independence Pegasus focuses on from the beginning transcends into every other facet of a child’s life. Pegasus teaches life lessons and makes its students good citizens of the world."

    "The curriculum is innovative, fun, and deliberate. Classrooms are diverse with smart inquisitive children; community is amazing."

    "Pegasus provides my children an opportunity to thrive, be challenged, and to explore in an innovative fun way. But, most importantly, my children want to go to school every day. They are always eager to get up and run, not walk, to their classes."

The Pegasus School

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The Pegasus School is a coed, non-profit, nonsectarian day school in Huntington Beach, California, that serves students in pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8. A Pegasus education equips bright, motivated students to achieve future academic success and make a positive impact on society.