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Middle School

Welcome to Pegasus Middle School. the middle school years are a time of tremendous academic, social, physical, and emotional growth. At pegasus, we build trusting student-teacher relationships, which create a space where students feel safe to take risks and to challenge themselves to grow.

The middle school experience is carefully designed to allow students to transition seamlessly from lower school and to have myriad opportunities to exercise leadership and practice compassion. Unique grade-level experiences allow students to build upon foundational skills through academic courses and explore individual interests through a wide range of electives and rotations.

We maintain a rigorous curriculum that promotes curiosity and empowers our students. As they shape their worldview within our diverse and supportive community, they develop confidence in their public speaking, writing, and problem solving. Pegasus students matriculate successfully to high schools locally and across the country and become leaders who use their voices to make a positive impact on society.

Middle School at a Glance

Signature Programs


Grade 6
Visual Arts, Computer Science, Performing Arts, SEL, Music, Study Skills, Oratory, Debate, Writer's Workshop, Global Sustainability

Grades 7 and 8
Visual Arts, Computer Science, Performing Arts, SEL

Upcoming Elective Offerings:

Advanced Robotics
Research Writing
TV Production
Integrated Math
Science Fair
Pegasus Literary Magazine
CO2 Cars
Build Your Own Game Board
Art Classes: Ceramics, Upcycled Art, Drawing , Painting, Printmaking, Art Club, Photography, Textile Arts, and Community Art
Cookbook Writing
Math Olympiad
Outdoor Sports and Games
Creative Writing

Sample Student Schedule

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