In order to best prepare students for academic success and the challenges of the future, The Pegasus School has chosen to enhance the Middle School curriculum through the adoption of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) MacBook program, effective in the fall of 2017. Advancements in technology develop and improve essential skills in communication, collaboration, global awareness, creativity, problem solving, computation, and critical thinking skills. MacBooks give students the opportunity to work independently or collaboratively in groups both inside and outside the classroom. Students can be flexible, gain a better understanding about their learning styles, stay organized, utilize e-books and textbooks, and personalize their experiences for motivation and productivity. In terms of in-class capabilities, MacBooks provide identical content development and ensure continuity and consistency. This single device significantly enhances efficiencies in instruction, professional development, and infrastructure management. The BYOD program gives teachers the opportunity to build from the fifth-grade 1-to-1 MacBook program and expand students’ MacBook knowledge.

*Note: Seventh and eighth graders have the option to either bring a MacBook to school or continue to use their iPads.
The Pegasus School is a coed, non-profit, nonsectarian day school in Huntington Beach, California, that serves students in pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8. A Pegasus education equips bright, motivated students to achieve future academic success and make a positive impact on society.