2019-2020 Tuition

Pre-Kindergarten  Eighth Grades$23,650
As an independent school, The Pegasus School does not receive funding from local or state government. To offset educational expenses, we charge tuition for each student.

Payment Options

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  • Tuition Schedule

    Tuition Pre-Kindergarten – Eighth Grades: $23,650

    Re-enrollment Deposit due January 31: $1,180 per student
    Administration Fee for Smart Tuition: $50 per family per year
    Tuition Deposit due April 1 with contract: $3,550 per student

    *Tuition for the 2019/20 school year will be paid via a process called Smart Tuition.

    Payment Plans
    A non-refundable initial payment of 5% of the tuition ($1,180) is due by January 31 with the re-enrollment agreement. An additional 15% of the tuition ($3,550) is due with each student’s contract on April 1. The remaining 80% can be paid in the following way:

    1. Annual: The $18,920 balance is due in full on or before June 3.
    1. Semi-Annual: The $18,920 balance is due in two installments on or before June 3 ($9,710) and on or before October 1 ($9,460). A fee of $250 is incurred as a deferred payment fee and is due with the June 3 payment.
    1. Monthly: The $18,920 balance is due in nine installments on or before the first day of each month. The June 3 payment of $2,428 includes the $325 deferred payment fee. The monthly installment of $2,102 is due July 1 through February 1.
    Payment is due the first of the respective month. If payment is not received by the 15th, a late fee of 1% monthly on any past due amount(s), will be assessed. The returned check fee for non-sufficient funds is $30.

    Both parents must log in to their personal Pegasus account on the website to view and sign the re-enrollment form and contract and then submit the deposit. Neither the re-enrollment form nor the contract can be submitted without both parent signatures. The deposit may be paid by credit card, electronic bank transfer, or check.
  • New Students

    Contracts are mailed in early March and are due March 15 with an initial payment of 20%. Both parents must login to their personal Pegasus account on the website to view and sign the enrollment form and submit the deposit. The deposit may be paid by credit card or check. Click here for the full tuition schedule.
  • Financial Aid

    Financial aid is available to families based upon demonstrated financial need. To apply for financial assistance, please complete the FAST application online. This process is directed by the Business Office and the forms required to apply may be obtained by emailing financialaid@thepegasusschool.org. Financial aid decisions will be posted on the individual parent portal.

    Click here to visit our Financial Aid web page and to learn more about the process.

Additional Fees:

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  • Books for Middle School

    The Pegasus School will be using a combination of eBooks and regular textbooks from an outside vendor for book sales. Once provided with the vendor’s website, click on “The Pegasus School” option, select the appropriate grade level, and purchase the required books (new or used). Books purchased will be mailed directly to your home. The vendor will buy back any book that is in reasonable condition at the end of the year.
  • Graduation Fee

    $200 Graduation Fee includes cap and gown, class t-shirt, Grad Day Celebration (class trip and Grad Night party at school), invitations, and individual cap and gown photos.
  • Outdoor Education (Grades 4-8)

    The Outdoor Educational programs are designed as part of the curriculum. All students are expected to participate:

    Fourth Grade (California Time Capsule)$300
    Fifth Grade (San Diego Experience)$650
    Sixth Grade (AstroCamp)$650
    Seventh Grade (Catalina Environmental Leadership Program)$675
    Eighth Grade (Grand Canyon)$1,050
  • Athletics for After School Sports (Grades 4-8; optional)

    The optional athletics fees range between $150275 per sport and cover participation in the after school sports programs, which include the Developmental Sports League (DSL) program for Grades 4-6 and the Tri-Way League program for Grades 6-8.

    Middle School GolfCo-ed$200
    FallGirls’ Volleyball; Boys’ Flag Football$275
    WinterBoys’ and Girls’ Basketball$275
    SpringBoys’ and Girls’ Soccer$275
    Middle School Late SpringBoys’ Volleyball; Girls’ Flag Football$150
    DSL (Grades 4-5)Volleyball, Flag Football, Basketball, Soccer$175
    DSL (Grades 4-5) Late SpringBoys' Volleyball; Girls' Flag Football$50
  • Busing Program

    Pegasus offers bus routes with stops in Newport Beach, Crystal Cove, and Huntington Beach. Options include: one way mornings, one way afternoons or roundtrip. Monthly fees vary depending on the options chosen.

    Busing – Monthly Fees
    Round Trip
    One Way
    Southern Buses 1st Child
    Southern Buses 2nd Child
    Southern Buses 3rd/ more
    North Huntington Beach 1st Child
    North Huntington Beach 2nd Child
    North Huntington Beach 3rd Child
    Busing – Annual Fees
    Southern Buses 1st Child
    Southern Buses 2nd Child
    Southern Buses 3rd/ more
    North Huntington Beach 1st Child
    North Huntington Beach 2nd Child
    North Huntington Beach 3rd Child

    Busing fees are non-refundable. Students may be dismissed, without refund, from bus transportation due to poor conduct.


    AMBob Henry/ Crystal Cove7:10 a.m. Leaves Crystal Cove
     7:30 a.m. Leaves Bob Henry
    7:50 a.m. Arrives at Pegasus
    AMBonita Canyon7:25 a.m. Leaves Bonita Canyon Sports Park
    7:50 a.m. Arrives at Pegasus
    AMBonita Canyon7:55 a.m. Leaves Bonita Canyon Sports Park
    8:20 a.m. Arrives at Pegasus
    AMNorth Huntington Beach7:15 a.m. Leaves Trader Joe’s (Huntington Harbor)
    7:30 a.m. Leaves 177571 Edwards (Edwards/Slater)
    7:35 a.m. Leaves Discovery Well Park (Summit Street)
    7:50 a.m. Arrives at Pegasus
    PMBonita Canyon3:10 p.m. Leaves Pegasus
    3:30 p.m. Arrives at Bonita Canyon Sports Park
    PMBonita Canyon3:25 p.m. Leaves Pegasus
    3:45 p.m. Arrives at Bonita Canyon Sports Park
    PMBob Henry/ Crystal Cove3:25 p.m. Leaves Pegasus
    3:45 p.m. Arrives at Bob Henry Park (Dover Shores)
    4:10 p.m. Arrives at Crystal Cove
    PMNorth Huntington Beach3:25 p.m. Leaves Pegasus
    3:35 p.m. Arrives at Discovery Well Park (Summit Street)
    3:45 p.m. Arrives at 17751 Edwards (Edwards/Slater)
    4:00 p.m. Arrives at Trader Joe’s (Huntington Harbor)

    Bob Henry Park: The bus will pick up and drop off students on Dover Shores, just north of the park.

    Crystal Cove: The bus will pick up at Crystal Cove Promenade in front of Gap in the morning, and drop off in front of Settebello Pizzeria in the afternoon.

    Bonita Canyon Sports Park: The bus will pick up and drop off students in the parking lot of the park. The park is located on Bonita Canyon Drive and Mesa View Drive.

    North Huntington Beach: The bus stops are described above.


    *Times are always subject to change due to traffic, construction, etc. Routes are subject to change due to ridership. We appreciate your understanding.

    JFK Transportation
    All bus routes will be served by JFK Transportation. Bob Henry, Crystal Cove and Bonita Canyon bus runs will have a Pegasus teacher’s assistant on board. *There is no assistant on North HB bus run.
  • Extended Day Program

    The Extended Day program is available from 7:009:00 a.m. and from 2:306:00 p.m. Fees are generated based on the hourly rate of $15, with the hour beginning at the dismissal time of each individual student (cap of $350 per month). Any child in Extended Day after 6:00 p.m. will be charged $5.00 per minute until he/she is picked up.

    Families participating in the bus program or siblings waiting for older students to be dismissed to carpool are not charged any extended day fees.
The Pegasus School is a coed, non-profit, nonsectarian day school in Huntington Beach, California, that serves students in pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8. A Pegasus education equips bright, motivated students to achieve future academic success and make a positive impact on society.