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Affording Pegasus

Families who can afford the full annual tuition will pay $30,350 annually for the 2024–2025 academic year. Families for whom that is not affordable, are invited to apply for financial assistance. Financial awards are determined through our need-based process and the School is committed to meeting 100% of demonstrated need. Awards may range from 5-100% of the annual tuition. Awards not only make tuition affordable to every family, but give the student access to the full Pegasus experience and, depending on need, may include lunch, field trips, after school activities, extended day care, and transportation. All financial assistance is kept completely confidential and separate from the admissions process.

We know that it can feel daunting to fill in another application and you may feel hesitant to share your family’s financial information. However, we hope you are not deterred from joining with us to offer your child an incomparable school experience. Remember, we're here to help at every step of the way!

Payment Options

Frequently Asked Questions

As an independent school, The Pegasus School does not receive funding from local or state government. To offset educational expenses, we charge tuition for each student.