Voices from our Community

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  • Reynolds Bish, Parent

    “My wife, son and I were first introduced to Pegasus by a business associate, friend and Pegasus parent. After visiting Pegasus and a number of other schools, we chose to enroll our daughters at Pegasus due to the strong focus on, and track record of, success in academic excellence, personal development and maintaining diversity. We’ve been very happy with that decision. I will admit that when we first toured the Pegasus campus, we were somewhat underwhelmed by the facilities and related infrastructure compared to other schools. As time has passed, we’ve become concerned about its ability to maintain its competitive position in Orange County’s private school market. For these reasons, coupled with a strong belief that investing in our daughters’ future is the best investment we can possibly make, I joined the Campaign Committee in early 2018, and we made a significant personal financial contribution to the campaign in order to demonstrate our belief in the need and value of this project.

    Please join us in supporting this critically important project by investing in your children. It’s the best investment you can make.”
  • Ashley Fischer, Parent and Alumni Parent

    “Our investment in Pegasus is our way of saying “thank you” to the school for embracing our children, their unique learning styles and abilities and our family. Pegasus has given us so much, and we hope that by investing in the school today, others will have the same amazing experience in the years to come! The facilities are the environment in which our children learn, so it is very important that they match the quality of the programs. The children and the teachers deserve it. There have been so many improvements over the years in curriculum and teaching methods…our facilities should match that growth. Pegasus has added such value to our children’s lives and ours as a family. Just as we started our time at Pegasus at an amazing school, time has moved forward, and the school must progress as well.”
  • Allen Schreiber, Parent

    “Reflecting on the past nine years brings a smile to my face because of the amazing experience our entire family has had, and also seeing our kids persevere and excel with what they have learned at Pegasus. I am so proud to be a small part of building the foundation of the future of Pegasus. I am also thankful of the Pegasus community before us that had the foresight and capacity to make Pegasus what it is today. Without the founding families’ dedication to the future of Pegasus, our children’s experience would not be what it is today. These buildings, combined with Mr. Lopez’s incredible leadership, will not only maintain our children’s premier learning experience, but make Pegasus the go-to independent school in Southern California. Being able to give to a project that our own kids will not be able to enjoy makes us proud the give back to the future of Pegasus just as the generation before us has done for us. It also makes me want to have more kids!”
  • Matt and Shea Watson, Alumni Parents

    “Our family has been proud members of the Pegasus Community for nine years, but when our younger daughter Avery graduates this May our daily interaction with this very special place will end. Over the years we have served on various committees, PTO, chaired two Spring benefits and spoken to countless “outsiders” about the excellent programs and people at Pegasus. Having been at the school for nearly a decade, we saw many improvements that helped the school adapt to the changes in educational curriculum, but we did not realize that the facilities had fallen behind the times until our oldest daughter started touring other campuses for high school.  In particular the science classrooms we saw were incomparable. It was at that time we decided to make a concerted effort to help improve Pegasus as a place by chairing the Masterplan Committee (Matt) and serving on the Campaign Committee (Shea). We realize our children will never see the inside of a new classroom at Pegasus, but we will always be proud to have been a part of the Pegasus community and want to contribute to Pegasus’ legacy. I hope you will all join us in helping to round out Pegasus’ mission to make the quality of the facilities match the quality of the program and people.”

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