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Welcome to the Pegasus PTO!

Every parent is a member of the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), which sponsors many committees that take an active role in School life.

The purpose of the PTO is twofold:
  1. to encourage parent involvement;
  2. to organize activities that promote school spirit, enhance staff enthusiasm and bring Pegasus families and staff together;
The PTO activities provide parents with many opportunities to meet one another, especially the parents of their child(ren)’s friends. Board positions include eleven Executive Board roles (president, vice president/president-elect, four vice-presidents, secretary, treasurer, parliamentarian, middle school liaison, room parent coordinator) and various appointed Chair or Coordinator roles including, but not limited to: Fall Parent Parties, RUN.GIVE.SERVE., Grandparents & Special Friends Day, Room Parents, SPRING.SERVE., Staff Appreciation Week, Special Events, Emergency Preparedness, Wish List Facilitators and Faculty/Staff birthdays.

PTO Information

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  • PTO Positions 2021-2022

    PTO Executive Committee  2021–2022
    Meredith Chandra
    Vice President
    Angela Whitten
    V.P. Communications
    Andrea Olson
    V.P Marketing
    Jen Pettis
    V.P. Events
    Molly Ring
    V.P. Community Service
    Sindy Murray
    V.P. of Volunteers
    Tina Devir
    V.P. Ways & Means
    Mohini Soni
    V.P. of Governance
    Van Nguyen
    Middle School Liaison
    Amy Ransford
    New Family LiaisonJoyce Lee
    Room Parent Coordinator
    Lanna Lam
    Cari Thiel
    Terry Lee
    Teacher Representative
    Remy Carl
    Head of School
    Jason Lopez

    PTO Slate  2021-22
    Back to School Faculty Breakfast CoordinatorsSaghi Maleki-Valencia, Clarissa Poticar
    Back to School Faculty Luncheon Coordinators
    Mel Bui, Carla Boubes
    Emergency & Safety CoordinatorEmily Hay
    Fall Parent Parties CoordinatorsTina Gancar, Christine Cheng
    First Day Social CoordinatorsAmbreen Qamar, Shveta Goel
    Generations Day Coordinators
    Aidan Morris, Keri Hammer
    Merchandise/Thunder Spirit Store
    Olivia Hayashi
    Lost & Found CoordinatorsErin Horowitz, Amanda Dixon
    PEGtalks Coordinators
    Sharlene Grover, Leila Cesario
    FALL SERVEEdi Thimons, Melissa Rohani
    SPRING SERVEJennifer Johnson
    End of Year Celebration Coordinators Jackie Schenquerman, Jackie Tavera-Ardabili
    Teacher & Staff BirthdaysColleen Kelly, Jinny Yun
    Wish List FacilitatorsKate Boundy, JJ McGawn, Mary Wright, Julie Walraven
    PEG LOVELaila Jahangiri, Anne Irvani

  • The Pegasus PTO: Who We Are

    The cultural, political, and professional diversity of the Pegasus parent population is truly unique. It adds a rich dimension to the school itself and, by extension, to its PTO. Connecting us, so powerfully, is our prioritizing of education, a shared belief in the power of teacher-student relationships, and an intense desire to support an educational community.

    The Pegasus School PTO is a parent-based organization designed to enhance that connection. Specifically, our mission is: to impact programs that enrich your child’s school experience, foster community and support our faculty and staff. We execute this mission through organized activities that promote school spirit, boost staff enthusiasm and bring Pegasus families and staff together…and, through assemblies, classroom gifts, and special projects that add value directly to the teacher-child experience.

    As a Pegasus parent, you are automatically a part of the PTO, but we encourage you to participate, to attend PTO meetings or events whenever possible, and to volunteer. Below is a list of PTO-sponsored activities to look forward to in the coming year, as well as PTO programs that unequivocally realize our mission.

  • PTO Events and Opportunities

    All PTO programs and activities are funded by The Pegasus School Annual Fund, Give to Great.

    As the 2021/2022 school year approaches, we are hopeful that we will partake in the events listed below. As we plan for these events, we will comply with the most updated CDC, state, local and Pegasus guidelines.
    Thank you in advance for your flexibility and support.

    Community Building Events

    Back-to-School Faculty/Staff Breakfast and Luncheon. Every August, teachers return to campus to prepare their classrooms. The PTO recognizes this late summer transition with a welcome back breakfast, as well as a luncheon to kick off a new school year.

    First Day Social. The First Day Social is a chance for the PTO to welcome parents back to school. Parents are invited to join the PTO after drop-off in the morning to meet up with old friends, meet
    some new ones, and have a cup of coffee on the first day of school.

    Fall Parent Parties. Throughout the months of September and October, grade-level parent parties will be offered at a location in Orange County. This is an excellent way to reconnect with parents in your student(s) grade and meet parents who are new to the community.

    Generations Day. Grandparents and special guests are invited to participate in this yearly tradition from near or far. This year’s event will take place virtually for all guests on Friday, December 17, 2021.

    FALL SERVE and SPRING SERVE. The PTO is excited to continue to sponsor opportunities for students to give back to the community at large. This year’s events will take place on October 29, 2021, and March 30, 2022, where students will help support a worthy cause.

    PEG LOVE - Staff Appreciation. Once a month, the PTO sponsors and coordinates a little something to “share the love” that we all have for our cherished teachers and staff. Then to wrap up the year, we will shower them some more with a special luncheon and surprise treats in May. Get ready to PEG LOVE the people that inspire our children…all year long!

    End of Year Celebration. Let’s celebrate the successes of the year! The PTO recognizes the need for students to whoop it up as the school year winds down. Mark June 15, 2022, for a fun concluding event. School’s almost out - let’s celebrate!

    PEG Service. Outside of the PTO’s two big SERVE events, families are invited to participate in our various community-service drives and other service opportunities throughout the year, e.g. winter coat drives and used book drives.

    PTO Meetings. On September 23, 2021, we will gather in the CMPR (or virtually) for our general PTO meeting. This is a chance to reconnect, stay informed, and learn what’s new. All Pegasus parents are invited to attend.

    Other Community Building Events. As opportunities arise, the PTO organizes spontaneous gatherings throughout the year for parents to get to know each other while we shop/snack/exercise and just hang out with other parents.

    Continuing Education and Student Assemblies

    PEGtalks. The PTO is proud to present a TEDTalk-inspired parent forum for live and taped presentations delivered by prominent individuals from a variety of fields, many culled from our community. Please look for announcements about upcoming speakers and join us or link-in.

    PEGpresents. PEGpresents programming provides teachers with even more possibilities to educate, enlighten and fascinate our children by sponsoring extra presentations to support classroom curriculum.

    Teacher “Wish List” Gifts

    Classroom Gifts. A significant portion of PTO funds are dedicated to fulfilling an annual “Teacher Wish List.” Traditionally, teachers add items to the list that typically fall outside classroom budgets, but on even the smallest level, enhance the learning experience. Once these items are approved by administration, the PTO fulfills the requests.

    The Little Extras…

    Teacher and Staff Birthdays. The PTO honors each and every faculty/staff member with a little birthday love.

    Room Parent Coordinators, Middle School Liaisons. These volunteers are your greatest source of information for just about everything. They are the information link between teacher and parent, and PTO and parent.

    Emergency and Safety. The PTO ensures that all classrooms are supplied with up-to-date and fully equipped emergency backpacks.

    Lost and Found. The PTO facilitates the sorting, sourcing and return of lost/labeled clothing that has been placed in the designated lost and found vessels in the CMPR.

    Thunder Spirit Store. The PTO's online Thunder Spirit Store is where you can buy Pegasus spirit gear and accessories anytime of the year.
  • PTO Event Dates 2021-22

    As the 2021-2022 school year approaches, we are hopeful that we will partake in the events listed below. As we plan for these events, we will comply with the most updated CDC, state, local and Pegasus guidelines.

    Thank you in advance for your flexibility and support.

    Back to School Faculty Breakfast
    August 30, 2021
    Back to School Faculty Lunch
    September 1, 2021
    First Day Social
    September 8, 2021
    Fall Parent Parties
    Various dates in Sept./Oct.
    PTO General Meeting
    September 23, 2021
    PEG LOVE – Staff Appreciation
    FALL SERVE/Halloween EventOctober 29, 2021
    Generations DayDecember 17, 2021
    SPRING SERVEMarch 30, 2022
    End of Year CelebrationJune 15, 2022

  • Thunder Spirit Store

    The Pegasus PTO's Thunder Spirit Store is an online resource where you can purchase Pegasus spirit gear and accessories anytime of the year! Just click on the link here or from the Resources home page and shop away. This is a great resource for fun gifts with all the convenience of an online shopping experience, so let your school spirit soar!

Upcoming PTO Events

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    FALL SERVE/Halloween Event

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    Generations Day

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    End of Year Celebration

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