Welcome to the Pegasus Dads' Basketball League!
The Pegasus Dads' Basketball League was developed as a fun way to get acquainted and build camaraderie with fellow Pegasus dads. Teams are formed of all skill levels. Friendly competitive games are played mostly on Wednesday evenings* and begin at 6:20 p.m. Up to three games are played per night; the number of games is determined by how many teams are in the league. Each game has two 20-minute halves. All games are played in The Pegasus School Gym.

*Please Note: Schedules are subject to change.


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  • Rules

    The Rules:
    1. Starting Players: Teams may start and play the game with 4 players. Any team using less than 4 of their own team members will forfeit the win but may continue to play the game.
    2. Time Limit: Two 20 minute halves with 3 minutes between halves. Running clock, except for timeouts. The clock will stop on all whistles during last 2 minutes of the game if the score is within 10 points or less.
    3. Time Outs: Each team is allowed two timeouts per half. Each timeout is 1 min in length. Each team will receive 1 timeout in each overtime period. Timeouts cannot be accumulated or carried over to the next half or overtime.
    4. Overtime: 2 extra minutes.
    5. Personal Fouls: 6 fouls is an automatic disqualification for the remainder of the game. The player may not under any circumstances remain in the game.
    6. Individual Technical Fouls: Player receiving two in one game will be ejected.
    7. Ejection: If ejected for any reason, the player will be suspended for one game; Repeated ejections will result in expulsion from the league.


Congratulations to Jason Lopez and Team 1 on their 2019-20 winter season PDBL championship win on January 22!

Also, big congrats to Michael Wong for winning his third 3-point championship!

Best of luck to all teams participating in the 2020 spring season!

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