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  • Purpose

    The Pegasus School’s Crisis Communications Plan lists the roles, responsibilities and procedures that will assist the school in quickly sharing information with the Pegasus community and media during an emergency or crisis.

    This plan is a part of The Pegasus School’s Emergency Management Plan, administered by the Director of Human Resources.

    The audience for this Crisis Communication Plan includes current parents, administration, faculty, staff, trustees, neighbors, city leaders, media, and the Huntington Beach community.

    For the purposes of this plan, a crisis is defined as a situation that prompts evident media coverage and may threaten the school’s reputation, image or financial stability. A crisis may also endanger public safety. A crisis could be triggered by an emergency or a dispute. An emergency is a fire, natural disaster, criminal act, or other circumstance that manifests as a threat and usually requires assistance from police, fire, paramedics or emergency power and utilities. A dispute incident would include a serious infraction or unethical behavior by a student or employee.

    The Pegasus School is a member of the Huntington Beach Safe Schools Coalition, an informal agreement between the school districts and private schools to provide aid to each other during a critical incident such as a school evacuation. School personnel, including Pegasus employees, have been trained to assist the Huntington Beach police department in the reunification process that takes place at the Sports Complex/Central Library. Additionally, as a member of the coalition, a Pegasus representative attends meetings, several times a year, at the police department, where school safety is discussed.
  • Objectives

    The Pegasus School’s objective is to communicate facts as quickly as possible during a crisis. Information will be updated regularly in order to ensure the safety of the Pegasus community and the continued operation of needed facilities. While we gather all the required facts in an expedited manner, communications may be incomplete. It is critical to take precautions to avoid any damage to the school’s reputation; therefore delays may occur in providing clear and accurate information.

    The Pegasus School will use several mediums to notify as many individuals as possible with authentic, timely information. Our goal is to be transparent, reliable and reachable to all audiences, while also being cognizant of legal and privacy matters.
  • Procedures

    Please review this document closely. Any required updates will be made prior to the start of each school year.

    In the event of an emergency or crisis, a message will be sent to the Pegasus community (parents, administration, faculty and staff) through One Call Now emergency notification. Please listen to the message in its entirety before taking any actions. In addition, an alert will be posted on the school’s homepage. Click here to review the How You Will be Notified page.  

    Parents: Do not call school or expect your child to call you; the use of cell phones will tie up emergency lines that must remain open.

    Please refrain from speaking to the media. Do not post on social media until further notice from the school.

    Radio communications with the city will be established via phones. In the event those phones are inoperable, communications will be via radio contact with trained operator.

    The Crisis Communication Team will determine what actions should be taken and who the spokesperson should be. Once the Emergency Leadership and Emergency Management Teams convene, then specific details of this plan can be carried out.

    This team includes members from the Emergency Leadership Team:

    • Head of School
    • Emergency Coordinator
    • Lower School Director
    • Middle School Director
    • Chief Financial Officer
    • Director of Advancement Office
    • Director of Admissions
    • Communications, Design and Website Specialist
    • Director of Human Resources
    • Registrar
    • Director of Technology
  • Responses

    Within the first 30 minutes, as feasible, the Crisis Communication Team will gather all information, assess the situation and determine on-scene needs. They will determine the communication strategy, the delivery methods, and designate a Spokesperson. The Spokesperson will respond to all media inquiries as accurately as possible, in a timely manner.

    The Emergency Leadership Team will delegate assignments to the Emergency Management Teams, who will proceed with their assigned roles and responsibilities. The Spokesperson will continue to monitor and respond to the media, ensuring information is as accurate as possible. The Emergency Coordinator will continue to update the Spokesperson with any new information from the Emergency Leadership and Emergency Management Teams. The Spokesperson will give the Director of Communications any updates, who will post messages on the Emergency Bulletin on the website's homepage.

Ambulance, Paramedic:


Fire / Non-emergency:
911 / 714-536-5411

Poison Control Center:

Police / Non-emergency:
911 / 714-960-8825

SoCal Gas Emergency/ Safety:
911/ 800-427-2000

SoCal Edison Report an Outage:

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