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Pegasus Prep

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AUGUST 21–25


The Lower School Pegasus Prep Program is designed to prepare students academically and social-emotionally for the school year ahead. This program will be hosted on campus with a focus on student wellness, interpersonal relationships, and the routines and expectations of school life in grades 1–5. Success in school involves confidence, social skills, executive function skills, and academic development. 

Pegasus Prep is a full day program for students and is offered from 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM with options for Extended Day before and after Prep. Lower School students will engage in a morning academic prep session specific to the grade level they are entering in the fall. The afternoon session will be taught by a variety of teachers and specialists at Pegasus in rotation to ready students for the year. Past topics have included School Culture and History, Social Emotional Wellness, Physical Education and Teamwork, and Innovation and Creativity Labs. Pegasus Prep is specifically recommended for all students who need more time to acclimate to school life after summer and is especially helpful for new students.

Course Fee: $625
9:00 AM–2:30 PM

Faculty: Pegasus Grade Level and Specialist Teachers

Class Descriptions