Debate Team Competes at Western Regional Tournament

On April 27, the Pegasus Debate teams competed in the Western Regional Tournament, held at Mount San Antonio College in Walnut, California.
In order to participate in this challenging statewide debate competition, students must qualify through their local debate league. The Pegasus teams qualified  through the Orange County Debate League (OCDL) and six teams of three competed at the event. Approximately the top 20% of teams from their local leagues were selected.

At the end of the day, the team with the best record included Charlotte J., Anyssa D., and Ella T., who finished 14th overall with a record of 4-1. 

Chloe R., Izzy D., and Ryyan S. ended 3-2 and placed 25th overall; however, each student produced incredible individual scores. Ryyan placed 2nd overall (of 33 qulified debaters); Izzy placed 4th; and Chloe placed 10th. That's an impressive performance.

The six Pegasus teams combined went 17-14 and for the first time in Pegasus history, two sixth-grade students competed at the event and both did well. Additionally, three seventh-grade debaters participated.

Topics included:
  • Regional Topics
  • The US President should serve a single 6-year term.
  • Expand Social Security to provide an adequate retirement.
  • Eliminate farm subsidies!
  • Facial recognition technology does more harm than good.
  • Autonomous weapon systems do more good than harm.
  • The First Amendment should not protect lying in campaigns and elections.
Students had four weeks to research six complicated topics. They prepared by voluntarily attending after school practices for two weeks before the event. Their hard work and perseverance is commendable!
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