Phase Two Partners

Tahaane and Maajed Abahusayn
Siamak and Shireen Agha
Bish Family
Chandra Family
Cheng Family Foundation
Audrey Cheng and Burton Hong
Erik Choy and Family
Jacki and Gilbert Cisneros 
Bing Duan and Peng Zhang
Lindsay and Anthony Geisler
Helen and Norman Gitlin
The Glasser Family
Stella Glodek
Gurewitz Family
Keri and David Hammer
Horowitz Family
Peter and Rebecca Janda

Janie Kim and Matt Parlow
Chin Lam and Micol Christopher
Grace Li Family
Brett and Alli Longenecker
Pernille and Jason Lopez
Tatjana and Brian Mitchell
The Mulroy Family
Tita Nguyen and Michael Lee 
Osgood Family
Owen Family
Parineh Family
Pettis Family
Ransford Family
Lisa and David Rhoads
Jim and Colleen Rivers
Melissa and Parsa Rohani
Jacqueline and William Schenquerman
Patty Seyburn-Little and Eric R. Little
Wenting Peng Sha and Long Sha
Atoshi and Suneel Shorey
Maureen and Michael Singh
Mona and Khaled Soliman
Jianhua Sun and Qian He
Natalie and Paul Tacorian
Diem-Trang Diem and Family
Kristina and John Trautman
Sara and Chris Van Dusen
Aileen Wang and Terence Zuo
Vera Wang and Ben Li
Angela and Jeff Whitten
Weiyi Zoey Xia and Yongxing Wanr
Anonymous (2)
Phase One Partners

Maajed & Tahaane Abahusayn
The Almquist Family                    
Darin, Lori, Luke and Aubrie Anderson                    
Greg and Sharon Anderson Family Foundation (Chandra)                    
Jamie and Craig Atkins                    
Robert and Linda Bae                    
The Bish Family                    
Craig and Kate Boundy                    
Robert and Julie Burch                    
JB and Wendy Bush                    
Cary and Angela Bren                    
Frank and Deidre Campbell                    
Rick and Danielle Chan                    
The Chandra Family                    
The Charlu Family                    
George and Christine Cheng
The Cheng Family Foundation                    
The Choy Family                    
Aaron and Beth Cohen                    
Douglas Collier and Wende Zomnir                    
Brian and Teresa Cullen                    
Diem-Trang Dang                    
Dwight Decker                    
Jerrit and Brian Deephouse                    
Anjali and Shaunak Desai                    
The Dolotta Family                    
The Esmailian Family                    
Xiao Ying Feng and Jian Wei Liang                    
The Fis(c)her Family                    
The Frieden Family                  
Frank and Michelle Gandara                    
The Glasser Family                    
Prachi and Sachin Gupta                    
The Gurewitz Family                    
Bart and Sandy Gurewitz                    
Tingting Hu and Huilin Han                    
The Herman Family                    
The Honary Family
The Horowitz Family
The Irvani Family
The Janda Family
The Ghorban Family
Tze Ip and Patty Huang
Keith and Sara Jarrett
George and Angie Karahalios
Dan and Lisa Kassel
Joseph and Jolie Kessel
Kessler Family
Andrew and Chinyee Keyoung
PJ and Elizabeth Kim
Michael and Cheryl Laven
Bach Le and Nancie Pham
James and Jennifer Lee
John and Joyce Lee
Bobby and Terry Lee
Todd and Julie Leigh
Chi-Hung and Deborah Lin
Eric Little and Patty Seyburn-Little
Pernille and Jason Lopez - The Bravo Foundation
Mark and Susan Lyle
The Malabarba Family
Rene Martel and Julie Mathieu
Joshua and Lisa Matlaf
Matt and Wendy Matthews
Mike and JJ McGawn
Shaurya and Maira Mittal
Winn and George Morales-Claybaugh
Michael and Nancy Mulroy
The Murray Family
Dr. and Mrs. Najafi
Oltmans Construction Company
Matt Parlow and Janie Kim
Shyamal and Anita Patel
Tammy and George Pearson
Susan Perkins
Dan and Sandra Perlmutter
Kristen and Mark Perlmutter Family
Russ Petrie and Grace Lozinski
The Plotke Family
The Prohaska Family
Will and Jessica Rankin
The Ransford Family
David and Lisa Rhoads
Robert and Rebecca Riedl
Seth and Molly Ring
James and Colleen Rivers
Laura and Gary Roth
Colleen Kelly and Terry Scheckter
Marc and Elena Schneider
David and Leslie Seidner
Samueli Foundation
The Schreiber Family
The Shen Family
The Shepherd and Baghramian Families
David and Shideh Shyansmith
The Shorey Family
Samir and Marmar Sikka
Keni and Izzy Silva
Maureen and Michael Singh
Chad and Gina Smith
Peter and Lisa Spasov
Brad and Lisa Strawn
J. Scott and Cynthia S. Swensen
John and Karen Tallichet
Thimons Family
Delson and Julie Ting
The Trautman Family
Rod Trujillo
The Twist Family
The Walcott Family
Matthew and Shea Watson
Ru and Saranga Weerasuriya
Christina and Malcolm Welford
Wendt Family Foundation
Westling & Associates Construction Management
Jeff and Angela Whitten
Bransby and Jessica Whitton
Michael and Lauren Wong
Andy and Tracy Yang
Yeung Family
Haiquan and Lu Zhang
Ying Zhang
Anonymous (5)

*Phase One Campaign donors at $1,000 and above. Donor list updated 3/10/23.

The Pegasus School

19692 Lexington Lane, Huntington Beach, CA 92646
Tel: 714-964-1224 |  Fax: 714- 962-6047
The Pegasus School is a coed, non-profit, nonsectarian day school in Huntington Beach, California, that serves students in pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8. A Pegasus education equips bright, motivated students to achieve future academic success and make a positive impact on society.